Man Divorces Wife For Serving His Meals Too Late

A Nigerian court granted the divorce of a couple who after 25 years, just couldn't get their meal schedules together.

And just when you thought you heard everything, a 57-year-old Nigerian man was granted a divorce from his wife after the court heard that she had been serving his meals to him too late at night.

Olufade Adekoya had been married to his wife Olusola for 25 years before he finally reached his wits end with her refusal to serve him when he demanded.

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"My wife had failed in her matrimonial obligations. She does not prepare my food on time and I have warned her several times, but she would not listen to me," Adekoya reportedly said.

"There is no point in harbouring a wife that makes me hungry. I am totally fed up," Adekoya said during the hearing.

Olufade Adekoya, food

Olusola denied the accusations and insisted her husband was plotting against her so he could remarry. The court decided to grant her husband’s wishes.

"The court had tried several times to reconcile their differences, but all efforts proved abortive," said Judge Olu Adebiyi who presided over the hearing.

I’ve heard of some very bizarre divorce stories ranging from fights over unchanged Facebook statuses to marriages being ruined by video gaming, but I think this might just take the cake. 

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