Guy’s Hilarious Selfies Sum Up The Life Of A Dedicated Third Wheel

All of us have been the third wheel at one time or another. This guy, however, takes the concept to a whole new level.

If you’ve ever hang out with your best friend while they’re hanging out with their better half, you’ll agree that hanging out as a third wheel does not feel all that great. It's usually nothing but awkward and can often make you feel like their lonely, sad, miserable child.

Although some people don’t particularly mind spending time with couples, many absolutely dread it. But not this third wheel. He spent three full years of his life as a devoted third wheel and enjoyed it enough to document the entire experience and share it with others.

An Imgur user who goes by the name of earthyhillgivens recently uploaded a series of hilarious – and slightly unnerving – selfies he took while tagging along with his best friend and his girlfriend.

He accompanied them to an amusement park:

amusement park selfie

Tagged along to Minnesota’s Mall of America:

Mall of America selfies

And this time where the couple probably forgot they had company:

shopping selfies

He even participated in their Netflix binge-watching sessions:


Shopping trips were no exception:

Shopping selfies

He even hung out with his best friend and his plus one on the beach:

beach selfies

Followed by this uncomfortable selfie during a car ride:

selfie during a car ride

Third-wheeling at Legoland had to hurt:


While the entire story is quite conical on its own, this guy’s stoic and cold expressions have made these images a massive hit among people on the Internet.

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Fortunately, his three-year-long expedition as a third wheel resulted in a happy ending – at least for the couple in the photos who finally got hitched.

wedding selfie

Let’s just hope he is not planning to accompany them on their honeymoon.

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