Man Finds Out Kid He's Babysitting Is On Amber Alert

An ordinary day of babysitting ends up being a crazy mess of events.

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This guy had a pretty big shock when he realized that the boy he was babysitting was the same boy being searched for in an Amber Alert.

John Truong was watching a 2-year old boy named Ronnie Tran, that his sister had dropped off at his house. His sister, Alyssa Chang, told John that the young boy was her boyfriend's son. 

Because this much was true, you can understand the surprise John had when the news came on reporting an Amber Alert of the child sleeping in his bed.

With no idea of why his sister would be involved in such a crisis, John did the right thing and called the police immediately to let them know that he believed the child he was caring for was the same as the missing child.

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The toddler was allegedly part of a bigger crime, in which the boy and his mother were abducted by Alyssa Chang and the boy's paternal grandmother.

The boy's mother was supposedly hit with a stun gun, and afterwards, the two were taken away in a car and brought to a house. The mother was tied up, while the alleged kidnapper, Chang, brought the boy over to her brother's house to watch him.

The mother was able to escape, and ran to a neighbor's house.

While this story is a huge mess and no one is quite sure what motivated the kidnapping, it is a good thing that John Truong called the police and the child was unharmed through the whole ordeal.

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