Man Brutally Beaten Up While Trying To Help His Neighborhood Improve

He wanted to do something positive for his struggling neighborhood but got beaten up instead.

Doing the right thing or trying to bring a positive change in society isn’t always easy – and Cincinnati resident Ronald Moon Jr. is living proof of that.

Moon simply wanted to help out his struggling neighborhood by turning the house owned by his father in to a community center. He has been in the process of restoring 1853 Kinney Ave. for last six months – all for the betterment of the area residents – but people keep breaking in and burglarizing the place.

“It needed a lot of work,” he said. “I’ve been over there putting in hours and hours.”

This week, however, Moon came across the three men and two women who had broken in to the old family home. He tried to confront them but ended up getting brutally beaten up the culprits, who left him battered and bruised, supporting a bloodied and swollen face.

Frustrated with the ordeal, the man uploaded a video diary on YouTube to talk about his aspirations to help out his community of Evanston and the struggles he’s facing in order to achieve the said dream. The now-viral video (posted above) clearly shows the cuts and gashes Moon has sustained.

Since releasing the heartfelt footage that gained people’s compassion and admiration rather quickly, Moon has started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to get the center up and running.

“I am in good health and my wounds will heal in time but the goal to offer this neighborhood a resource it can benefit from remains my primary focus,” he explained in the post. “The goal I have is to offer this place as a space where ideas, skills, and resources can be shared among this neighborhood and with surrounding neighborhoods in Cincinnati.”

Moon left his job two months ago to renovate the property he inherited from his dad. Though he wants to file the community center as a nonprofit organization so it could sustain itself on donations, for now his cause is funded by close friends and family.

As he explains on his campaign page, he looks forward to establishing a place where people could hold regular open discussions and sessions for poetry and creative writing, yoga and meditation, dance, jewelry making and gardening. He also wants to organize classes for carpentry, tailoring, gardening, plumbing, music engineering, cultural education and computing.

“If someone can teach it and another can learn it, it is precisely what this place would be interested in housing,” he added.

As of writing this, the Go Fund Me campaign for the restoration of 1853 Kinney Avenue Community Center, has raised over $33,000 of the required goal of $5,000.

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