Man Has Sent Over $100K To 'Nigerian Woman'

Hana LaRock
A U.S man, unaware that he has been scammed, has sent over $100,000 to a 'woman from Nigeria', whom he claims he's in love with.

Man Has Sent Over $100K To Nigerian Woman

Steve should be on an episode of MTV's Catfish, because this 53 year old man has been sending an exorbitant amount of money to a 'woman from Nigeria' whom he met online.

Firmly believing that this woman is actually who she says she is, Steve has refused to even consider the possibility that the person behind his screen is just someone trying to scam people into getting fat stacks of cash- and, well Steve, it says "gullible" on the ceiling.

Steve appeared on the Dr. Phil show, where the audience was just as shocked as to why he would do such a thing.

US man sends more than $100k to the wife in Nigeria

Steve says he is in love with the woman, that "she is very beautiful and warm, kind, caring, and loving." However, Steve has never actually met the woman but is still selling the plasma from his blood twice a week to give 'Kelly' money. He believes that he is paying 'Kelly's' legal fees which will help her get an inheritance of $26.5 million, which Steve will supposedly be part of.

Steve has also sent money to other people he has never met, and has even been arrested for cashing a fraudulent check from Africa.

Dr. Phil analyzed Steve's communication with 'Kelly' from Nigeria and has tried to show Steve that the girl is not who she says she is.

Overall, Steve has sent $138,881.80 to 'Kelly' and others, and still continues to do so despite his sister Tammy trying to convince him to cut ties with the people he sends money to.