Desperate Man Jumps Onto Broadway Stage To Charge Dying Phone

It's not the show the audience had bought tickets for, but it was one that elicited a highly emotional reaction. If you'd call "collective facepalm" an emotion, that is.

If there was any doubt that today’s people are mindlessly addicted to their phones, it’s gone now. And we have this guy to thank.

An audience member at Booth Theater’s production of Hand To God felt compelled to leap onto the stage in an attempt to resurrect his dying phone. He saw an outlet and he ran for it. Broadway actors, audience, and basic rules of decorum be damned!

Unfortunately for the desperate technophile, the outlet in question was in fact a fake outlet. A prop outlet. Something that he would have noticed had he been in a position to notice anything but texts from, we don’t know, the girl he’s chatting up on Instagram? Something anyone in the audience would have helpfully pointed out if he was mindful of anyone else around him.

The set crew had to halt the music, unplug the phone, and announce why the foolish man was, indeed, a foolish man.

Cast and audience took to Twitter to voice their astonishment (and perhaps a waning faith in human intelligence).

Since it’s on the Internet now, we hope phone guy gets the message. And a clue.

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Banner image credit: flickr @ Mark McQuade

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