Man Loses Shoe While Skydiving And Another Skydiver Catches It In Midair (Video)

The video above is definitely surprising. The kind of stunt it features is something not seen before.

A group of skydivers are seen floating in the sky in the video and one of them loses his show due to heavy winds. Another diver, who’s the cameraman quickly, goes into action to catch the shoe.

After struggling and playing around for sometime he finally catches it.

The video was posted by Jacamman97  way back in 2008, but it has only surfaced now and the internet loves it. Here’s what people are commenting on it:


That was way more exciting than I thought it'd be. The suspense, every time he narrowly missed the shoe.


My brain kept going from "oh, get the shoe!" to "oh, f*ck! that's a long way down!"


I love how the camera man just went from filming this to randomly starting a game of "catch the flying shoe".


A little part of me expected him to get hit in the head with the shoe.


For some reason this reminds me of Qudditch.


I felt myself flinching, trying to grab it every time it came back around.

That's some mad canopy skills

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