Man On Craigslist Seeks Notary Willing To Break The Law

Never in my life have I seen such a blatant request for someone to help them commit crime.

While browsing the ole’ Craigslist today, I came across this message. Now, I’m used to Craigslist posts sometimes entering the gray area regarding such things as “morals” and “legality”, but never in my life have I seen such a blatant request for someone to help them commit crime.


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In case you don’t know, a notary is a legal representative responsible for authorizing written statements between two or more parties. The notary’s job is to gather all parties in the same room, and confirm that they are physically present and agree to whatever paperwork is being notarized. For example, if I wanted to give you my car, a notary would need to see both of us at the same and observe that I actually wanted to give away my car, that you actually wanted to take my car, and that neither of us were being held hostage by the other.

Do you see now how, by definition, a notary can’t (legally) do what this man is asking?

If anyone has seen the movie Pain and Gain, this comes up. In the film, Matt Damon bribes his notary friend to sign documents without the other party present. Those documents award Matt Damon all of the other guy’s stuff. The other guy is, of course, being held hostage by The Rock in a sex-toy factory.

So there you go. Craigslist guy is looking for a notary to break the only rule of being a notary. The ad notes that anyone willing to risk their careers and possibly go to prison to “name their price.” There probably is a price out there for corrupt notarization, but it’s probably quite a bit higher than Craigslist man is willing to pay.

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