Man Plays With Enormously Huge Russian Brown Bear (VIDEO)

The video above posted on Reddit, entitled: This HAS to be CGI has boggled everyone’s mind.

You don’t really expect an enormous brown bear playing with a chair like a baby, performing with the trumpet like a sea otter and cuddling like a dog.
The YouTube description of the video reads:

This talented Russian brown bear can play the trumpet, sit in a chair, twist hula-hoop, he knows of about 200 commands. His name is Tima. My name is Pavel and this is my bear. 

Well, it appears that his choice of pet is a little weird but the way he’s treated by his pet is just adorable.
Redditors who are known to decipher things about everything, have rejected the video to be CGI generated. Here are some of the comments:


if it is CGI someone has some skills

If its not CGI someone has some skills


Some of his movement were human like. if it is a bear suit then a bloody good one again with animatronics in the face to make it eat the treats


Those hips don't lie.

And [–]jselloutcommented:

The video is old but just recently started trending. What do you think about it, let us know.

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