Man Posts Inspiring List Of Everything That Makes His Wife Cry

A comedy writer compiled all the things his emotionally free wife cries about into one perfectly relatable(and completely hilarious) list.

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Being ultra-sensitive is both a blessing and a curse. To be emotionally touched by everything in this world is both whimsically encouraging and extraordinarily daunting. Comedy writer Aaron Gillies encapsulated this heartrending beauty into an inspiring (and completely hilarious) list of everything his emotionally free wife cries about. 

"My wife cries at absolutely anything. I mean, ANYTHING. So I started writing the reasons down because reasons,” Gillies wrote of his wife, Alexandra, in the Imgur post. 

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Some of the reasons were absolutely random (“The fluffy bunny escaped from an artic fox in a documentary”), but most were understandably relatable and resonated with social media users.  Being scared by a fake Babadook in the dark would send anyone running for the hills sobbing  or being so drunk that an adorable piglet prompts tears is empathetically justifiable. And of course, no biscuits left in the house is always a reasonable excuse to shed a few tears.

?"A lot of people have accused her of being pregnant or having emotional problems, but the thing is, she is just a sensitive soul," Gillies told "She's quite fantastically sweet like that. I don't think she ever thought the world would be worrying about why she randomly cries at everything."

In our society where expressing emotions is frowned upon and viewed as vulnerable and weak, Alexandra confidently embraces her feelings instead of unhealthily hiding them away — and that should be celebrated not stigmatized!

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