Man Quits Job To Try And Break The World Record For Selfies

Is this selfie culture gone mad? Or is it simply an extreme iteration of the "you do you" maxim? Is this cause for puzzlement or praise? Honestly, we don't know.

Bhanu Prakash is a 24-year-old with a dream. And we don't mean studying pharmacy, or working as a research assistant at a hospital—both impressive achievements, both feathers in Prakash's cap. But what this Hyderabad, India native really wants is to break the world record for most selfies taken in an hour. Of all the world records to fixate on, this is the one most indicative of the zeitgeist.

Prakash's rather, um, out-there ambition took root while he was walking home one day with a few of his friends. They were discussing Dwayne Johnson's record of 105 selfies taken in three minutes (you know, regular dinner conversation). An intrigued Prakash got home and did some research on the world record application process. He was hooked.

Bhanu Prakash

In mid-August, Prakash quit his job as a research assistant to focus full-time on training for his world record attempt, which is to take place on September 18th. He says he's been doing hand and wrist exercises, and learning to hold his phone up like a statue for hours.

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But he's not just interested in maximizing selfie efficiency. He's interested in the artistry of it all. As such, he's bought a tripod stand and a selfie stick so that he can practice taking selfies from different angles.

The world record is currently held by American football player Patrick Peterson, who took 1,449 selfies in an hour. Prakash says his own current (and as yet undocumented by the world record powers that be) record is around 1,700. But he hopes to up the ante and set a new record at 1,800 selfies in an hour. So he's not just competing against everyone else with this deeply specific dream, he's also competing against himself.

most selfies record

Prakash's parents were at first a little upset about their son quitting his job, but have since embraced the fact that he's trying something new. We couldn't even get out parents to approve of our new hairstyle.

Meanwhile, the rest of us aren't sure whether Prakash should be praised for taking a risk, following his dream, and letting his freak flag fly...or just met with a prolonged and baffled silence. Both?

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