Man Smashes Crane Through Roof In Failed Marriage Proposal

No one was hurt in the over-the-top stunt.

An unidentified man from the town of IJsselstein in the Netherlands attempted to creatively propose to his girlfriend early Saturday morning. 

Things did not go as planned. 

The man's idea was sort of sweet. He hired a crane to lower himself into the girlfriend's garden. But as he was being lowered, the crane tipped over and smashed through a neighbor's roof.

Romantic proposals on a bended knee at sunset need to return! 

The man managed to jump out and land safely, but according to emergency services spokesman Jelle Mulder, via Guardian, "The people in the house the crane fell on are deeply shocked." 

Deeply shocked seems like a pretty tame reaction, especially considering what happened next. 

Attempting to move the crane back into an upright position, it slipped and fell on the neighbor's home again. 

The girlfriend's answer? YES! She said "yes".  The couple then took off for a trip to Paris. Meanwhile, experts are assessing if the house can be repaired or needs to be demolished and rebuilt. 

Ryan asked a pretty good question about the mishap on Twitter: 



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