Man Spends $40k Buying Out IMAX Theaters To Prove Ex-Girlfriend Wrong

A bitter Shanghai-based man spends nearly half his annual earnings to buy out two IMAX theaters to prove something to his ex-girlfriend.

A man, surnamed Wang, spent over $40,000 to buy out the seats in two IMAX cinemas. Apparently, 7 years ago, his former girlfriend broke up with him because he couldn't afford two movie tickets. Wang bought out the theaters to prove she made the wrong choice -- How Gatsby of him

Wang posted proof of the purchase on his Weibo account, asking his followers to help spread the word. According to Shanghai Daily, Wang provided his helpers with free movie tickets.

Man Spends $40k Buying Out IMAX Theaters

But doesn't this stunt take "bitter" to a whole new level? You'd think seven years later, the poor guy would have moved past the break up and found a less theatrical way to enjoy his earnings -- no pun intended. One person posted on Wang's microblog:

"Is it really worth working so hard to show off to your ex-girlfriend, who may not even find out about it?"

And what if his version of events aren't entirely accurate? 

Man Spends $40k

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