Man Still Cherishes Advice Joe Biden Gave Him As A Boy. So Does Joe

If you didn't love Joe Biden before, you may now. This man remembers fondly how Biden's words helped him grow into who he is today.

In 1994, Brandon "Skip" Brooks was on an eighth grade school trip from Delaware to Washington D.C., and it was here that he met Joe Biden, then a Delaware senator.

During a Q&A session, Biden noticed the young boy's stutter, so he pulled Brooks aside and told him how, he, too, had stuttered as a child.

He gave the boy some good advice

and the validation and encouragement every child needs.

The very next day, Biden sent Brooksa handwritten note for good measure. The message was simple and heartening:

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. You are a fine, bright young man with a great future ahead of you if you continue to work hard. Remember what I told you about stuttering. You can beat it just like I did. When you do, you will be a stronger man for having won. Also remember, every time you are tempted to make fun of someone with a problem, how it feels when you are made fun of. Treat everyone with respect and you will be respected yourself.

Your friend,
Joe Biden.

Twenty years passed. This past Wednesday, a now-grown Brooks posted a picture of the note to his Twitter, and wrote how it still inspired him every day.

Just an hour later, he received a reply from a very special person: 

.@SkipBrooks9 And it's still true today, my friend. Treat everyone with respect and you will be respected yourself.

So Brooks posted a second photo. In it, he is an adult, being sworn in as a prosecutor by none other than Biden's own son, Beau, who tragically passed in May.

Those small moments, small gestures, count. 

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