Man Stuck In Tent Bag Tweets For Help Instead Of Calling Cops

Twitter is good for a lot of things, but tweeting for help? Instead of calling the police, your mom, your priest, your mailman even? The fact that Johnston expected that to help is almost as surprising as the fact that it did.

T In The Park is Scotland’s biggest music festival. But this year, it will be remembered for something a little different.

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Scott Johnston, an attendee, was trapped inside a tent bag by a gaggle of friends with a very unfortunate sense of humor. Alone and unable to extricate himself, Johnston turned to his dying phone for help.

Scott Johnston

Instead of calling the police, his mom, his former friends, Johnston used the last dregs of his battery life to send a tweet to T In the Park’s twitter account.

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Bafflingly, the Scotland police noticed this obscure homing signal…and tweeted back.

The Twitter verse, now wise to the promise of real-time Twitter drama, watched/tweeted with bated breath.

WestFMNews, which we’ve since dubbed the news station with the worst sense of appropriate timing and/or discretion, asked Scott for an interview. While he was still stuck in his tent. With a dying phone.

Needless to say, Johnston did not “send a DM.”

The Twitter common folk, meanwhile, were moved by a combination of concern and amusement.

Johnston soon tweeted out a second message, assuring everyone that his friends had freed him. Though not before he had launched a Twitter storm, of course.

The storm did not abate. Other news channels and publications pressed the tent-bag-survivor for a follow-up.

Scotland Police was less enthused.

Now, like any minor celebrity on a day when not much else is happening, Johnston is being besmirched by various tabloids and hounded by alleged baby mamas.

We wish we were joking.

T in the Park: Man tweets for help after being 'locked in a tent bag'

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