Man Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Announcement Before Even She Knows

Logistically tricky, but heartwarming in execution. This is a pregnancy announcement video for the hall of greats.

Update: We're very sorry to have to share that, three days after this joyful video went viral, Sam and Nia announced that they had suffered a miscarriage.

We hope that this tragic development will raise more awareness and conversation about a sorrow that many women have to face, silently and alone. And we wish the couple and their two lovely children many happy days in the near future, to help them cope with their loss.


For the first time in Internet history, we have a heartwarming video in which the husband surprises the wife with an announcement about her pregnancy. There are logistical reasons why this hasn’t happened before (you know, it being her body and all) but Sam got a little creative.

He first had a feeling his wife, Mia, was pregnant when she told him she was two weeks late for her period. At that point, Mia probably had some inkling, too. But she hadn’t taken a pregnancy test yet, so Sam decided to beat her to the punch.

This is where the story gets a little awkward, but hang in there, folks.

So Sam tested a urine sample Mia left in the toilet. This raised several questions among commenters, such as “what?” and also “how?” But we assume, from Mia’s reaction (and their other two kids’ utter nonchalance) that it was totally worth it.

Don't believe us? Just watch: 

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