Stranger Surprises Flower Lady On Subway With This Kind Gesture

If only there were more people like him! Riding the subway can be a fairly interesting experience.

You run into all kinds of people. The commuters, the PDA couple, the guy with the boom-box, and sometimes, the young girl trying to make a living by selling roses to fellow passengers.

The woman was trying to sell some pretty flowers, when a man comes over, teasing her a little bit about how much the flowers cost.

Then, he reaches into his wallet at takes out $140. She's not quite sure if she should take it, or if she even has enough roses for that much money. She looks at the guy with disbelief.

He then proceeds to hand her the money, and she's at a complete loss of what to do. The guy tells her to give out roses to everyone for free the entire day, and accept the money. 

The woman cries, and we are all left with our hearts melting. The world needs more people like this guy.

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