Man Takes Revenge On Crocodile That Kills Wife and Baby

After a crocodile ate his wife and unborn child, a grieving man makes the crocodile will never kill again.

Ugandan Man Kills Massive Crocodile

A man's life  was completely shattered after a crocodile ate his pregnant wife. 

Mabarak Batambuze describes how this horrific tragedy affected him: "The crocodile ate my wife entirely. Nothing was ever seen of her again - no clothes, no part of her body that I could identify. I just didn't know what to do - a mother and her unborn child. It was the end of my world. I was completely lost. 

Months later, the crocodile returned to the area and Batambuze decided to act. 

Man kills 600kg crocodile that ate pregnant wife

Armed with just a spear and his bare hands, Batambuze wrestled with the 1,300-pound, 25-foot crocodile. At 50 years old, this was one of the most terrifying moments of Batambuze's life, but after an hour and half of desperate struggle, he was able to overcome the animal.

"I had so much fear in me but what helped me to succeed was the spear... I was so determined, and I wasn't afraid of dying. I just wanted it dead." 

When he went to go kill the animal, people begged him not to do it because they feared for his life. But Batambuze was determined and with the help of a few others from their village, they were able to successfully kill the crocodile without harm.

"There was so much shock. What really surprised everybody was how big the beast was. It wasn't an ordinary crocodile. It was so big. And people called me and my friends heroes." 

Ugandan man kills crocodile

Killing the crocodile couldn't bring his wife or child back and the loss still grieves him. But his deed did help bring some peace of mind and safety to the village. 

"Within myself I'm a very depressed man because I lost a wife and an unborn child."

"But the locals keep on saying, 'Thank you for killing the beast, that's where we fetch water and we're sure it would have taken somebody else. Thank you so much, you did a great job.'

"So I'm a local hero – people keep on thanking me." 


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