Man Thought Wallet Was Stolen, Instead Has Faith In Humanity Restored

An English man loses his wallet while traveling home from Serbia and believes it to be stolen, only to have the kindness of strangers restore his faith in humanity.

An English man thought his wallet was stolen traveling back from vacation, but instead the kindness of strangers restored his faith in humanity. 

Tom Watts thought his wallet was stolen at Luton Airport in London as he was heading back home from a trip to Serbia.

The 23-year-old feared identity theft knowing his credit cards and IDs were possibly in someone else's hands. 

But a few days later, his parents received a package in the mail containing his wallet. To Watts’ unexpected surprise —  not a single penny was missing!

The Good Samaritan even left a cheerful note with the wallet:

 ‘I’m really sorry Tom, I picked this up thinking it was my mates and there was no number. Hope you enjoyed Serbia. Good luck at Uni!’


This is bloody awesome.Last weekend, I lost my wallet at Luton airport when I flew back from holiday... This morning,...

Posted by Tom Watts on  Friday, July 24, 2015

The "Anonymous Legend" didn’t leave any contact details, but Watts is eagerly on the hunt to find the individual and thank she or he in person.

"It would be pretty epic if we find the person who wrote the note. Quite a few people have been in touch already claiming it was them, but they were just jokers,"Watts told Metro News.

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