Man Trolls Black Friday With Hilarious Fake Doorbuster Deals

This comedian created Black Friday deals that are actually worth camping out for.

Comedian and prank genius Jeff Wysaki has trolled Target and the madness that is "Black Friday" in the most hilarious way.

Wysaki took some of the retailer's Black Friday doorbuster advertisements and put his own spin on them, including a 30% off sale on “Skittles brand” flat-screen TVs, “Enchanted” mayonnaise for just $1.99 and 50% off a camping tent complete with an angry possum inside.

If that wasn’t hilarious enough, Wysaki also created an ad that says if shoppers spend $75 bucks or more in the store they get their very own FREE falcon. (Yes, the actual bird!)

The deal that really made us “LOL” and “SMH” was the “Racist printer” on sale for $29.99. (We’re assuming that means it doesn’t print in color, clever!)

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Wysaki even went as far as to post his hoax ads on a Target store’s actual bulletin board for flyers.

His ads are overtly funny just because they’re so random, but there’s also an underlying message that speaks to the absurdity of Black Friday and how bananas shoppers get when it comes to "good" sales, even if they're buying frivolous items that they won't ever use. 

No matter how much we bash the consumerist holiday, it’s not going to stop people from piling up and camping outside of stores to get the deals of a lifetime.

So as we approach another chaotic Black Friday, all we can do is hope people make it out of the retail jungle SAFELY.

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