Man Wakes Up During Own Funeral: The Case Of The Zimbabwe Zombie

Mourners were shocked when Brighton Dama Zanthe woke up during his own funeral.

Brighton Dama Zanthe shocked all of his friends and family who gathered for his funeral by not being dead.

Mourners gathered at the home of Brighton Dama Zanthe to pay their final respects to the 34 year-old man from Zimbabwe. Mr. Lot Gaka, Zanthe's employer, said that it was very sad, but not entirely unexpected when Zanthe passed away.

“Mr Zanthe had been on sick leave for sometime and everyone at work was aware that he was critical. We would visit him at his home in Mkoba 14.

“I was not surprised when I received a call from Mr Zanthe’s wife on Monday night last week saying that her husband had died,” said Gaka.

While Zanthe's death was not a surprise, something else was: Brighton Dama Zanthe was not actually dead.

"I was the first to notice Mr Zanthe’s moving legs as I was in the queue to view his body. At first I could not believe my eyes but later realized that there was indeed some movements on the body as other mourners retreated in disbelief,” said Gaka.
Gaka then removed some blankets covering Zanthe, and everyone gasped as it hit them that they were at a funeral for a living man.

Zanthe was taken quickly to a hospital, where he remained on life support for almost two days. He has since been discharged. In interviews, he said he does not remember what happened:

"I don’t know what happened and I only remember being on a life support system in hospital. Everything is history to me. What I can only confirm is that people gathered at my house to mourn but I was given another chance and I am alive. I feel okay now,” he said.

While this is excellent news for Zanthe and everyone that knows him, it will make attending a funeral for the rest of us an uncertain and confusing affair. It will be hard to shake the thought: what if they aren't actually dead?

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