Man With Down Syndrome Becomes A Champion Weightlifter(VIDEO)

The video above features Jon Stoklosa of Newark. He has Down Syndrome but Stoklosa has overcome all the odds to become an exemplary athlete.

31-year-old Jon Stoklosa can easily out-lift many regular competitors and can bench-press around 400 pounds.

This guys has proven that if you really want something and you aim for it then nothing can stop you from achieving it.

The video was published in August but after being posted on Reddit, it is trending high on the internet and has been shared multiple times.

Here’s what people are commenting on it.


Now that's a cool dude!


This inspired me like nothing else.

Fu**en awesome, bro.


Checkmate to anyone who says people with down syndrome aren't any different. This guy not only works harder than you, he can kick your ass too.


I sense some great parenting!


I think his success largely comes from the caring home he was raised in. I find it hard to imagine a home where retarded children are not abused physically or emotionally.

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