Man With Too Many Friends Hits Facebook's Limit

This club promoter knows way too many people, and though it's rare, other people are having the same issue with Facebook.

How many of your Facebook friends would you say you regularly interact with? Most people find that their friends list could use with a bit of house cleaning, but one person accumulated so many friends that he’s found the limit of Facebook’s friendship capacity.

Melbourne nightclub promoter Justin "JT" Tayler has hit the Facebook friend limit for a profile of 5,000 people. Public figures and organizations that have a Facebook page might have many thousands or millions of friends aren’t restricted, but profiles have a 5,000 cap. Tayler finds himself having to do routine friend culls to keep up with new requests. It's unlikely he's going to meet every one of them for coffee any time soon.

“People always ask how I know so many people, but it’s just the industry I’m in,” said Tayler to

Melbourne club owner Justin Tayler has reached the maximum number of Facebook friends allowed

Most of us have between 200 and 300 hundred friends, so the friend limit isn’t something most people are concerned with. However, there is a small minority that has hit the ceiling. There are questions all over the web from the popular minority asking what can be done, but other than converting a profile into a page, there isn’t much recourse.

At the very least, Tayler has been using his Facebook super strength for something business-minded. After seeing a 17-year-old named Nick Stokes on his Facebook feed for getting in trouble with the law for throwing underage parties, he decided to hire him on as club promoter.

“I private messaged him and he started working for me, said Tayler. “I thought, ‘Let’s get him away from the police and put him in a controlled environment where he can do his own ticket sales and still make money.”

It’s great to have a lot of friends, but if you have so many friends they can’t even fit into your allotted corner of the internet, it may be time to start getting rid of people you only hear from on your birthday. 

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