Twitter Goes Crazy After Marco Rubio's Football Pass Takes Out Kid

The Republican presidential candidate’s campaign visit to Des Moines, Iowa, spiraled out of control when he accidentally hit a child in the face with a football.

Florida State Sen. Marco Rubio had a fairly rough day on the campaign trail in Iowa Tuesday.

With the 2016 presidential campaign in full swing and candidates making trips all over the place to get familiar with their voters, Rubio decided to pay a visit to the key state and chat about education reforms.

He even held a family picnic and a friendly football match in Des Moines to bond with the locals.

“So, my sons are supposed to be in football practice right now,” Rubio told the crowd. “And I told them, 'You will practice today.' I just didn't tell them it would be in Iowa.”

But Rubio's attempt at pigskin connections with voters spiraled completely out of control when he threw a pass that (accidentally) hit a young blonde boy squarely in the face.

Of course, Twitter had a field day with the short clip of the incident.

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Needless to say, pelting children in the face with a football is not the best way to get to know your voters.

Though in all fairness, it’s not Rubio’s fault that this kid took a football to the head. The toss was perfectly executed, and the flailing kid seems totally unprepared to make the catch.

Fortunately, the child is fine.

Someone even dragged Donald Trump into this:

Meanwhile, this is what Rubio had to say:

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