Marriott’s 9/11 Tribute Isn’t Tasteless, It’s Just Bizarre

9/11 is a day that everyone has to acknowledge one way or another. One Marriott Hotel decided to honor 9/11 in a very strange way.

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9/11 is a day that everyone has to acknowledge one way or another. It’s never just another day. It can be hard for some businesses, however. How does, say, Walmart properly pay tribute to 9/11? Or Netflix? Trader Joes? Should Google do a 9/11 doodle? (Actually Google did a classy job with 9/11, the Google logo is the same, but they have a black peace ribbon below the search bar.)

What most businesses should realize is that it’s okay to let 9/11 come and go without making any public statement. We don’t expect the checkout guy at our corner shop to acknowledge 9/11, and we don’t need our bigger businesses to either.

And all of that brings me to Marriott. This doesn’t seem to be a company-wide policy, but there is at least one Marriott Hotel that chose to honor 9/11 by giving out free mini muffins and coffee from 8:45 to 9:15. Perhaps the original idea was to give out the treats from 8:30 to 9:00 until someone pointed out that it would be weird to have a 9/11 tribute that didn’t apply to the minute 9:11. Or perhaps someone suggested free coffee and muffins for all, but the manager, who has to balance the books, talked them down to a half-hour of coffee and mini-muffins.

I have two thoughts on this. One: this isn’t offensive, it’s just weird. Almost endearing. They’re trying, they felt like they had to do something for 9/11, but with limited time and resources, they came up with a half hour of complimentary coffee and mini-muffins.

Two: Free coffee and mini-muffins would really hit the spot right now.

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