McDonald's Pulled A Weird Michael Jackson Parody

First there was "Beat It". Then "Eat It". Now there’s "Clean It."

Only the King of Pop can make cleaning up a dirty fast food joint fun. 

McDonald's used a Michael Jackson look alike to motivate its employees to spruce up. "Clean It" draws on Jackson's "Beat It," with an opening assist from the famous Thriller video. Then a Michael Jackson double moonwalks through a very retro McDonald’s outlet, urging its employees to follow the basic standards of cleanliness.

The video was posted some time ago, but just resurfaced on the Internet.

People are likely to have mixed reactions to this – but if a fake Michael Jackson dancing around as a janitor using mops as props doesn’t make you chuckle, then you have no sense of humor. Or perhaps you’d prefer Weird Al’s more famous parody "Eat It."

And knowing how important cleanliness is to McDonald’s after seeing this video, people might just choose to “eat it” indeed.

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