This Company REALLY Knows How To Make A New Employee Feel Welcome

Oh don’t we wish all work days started like this…

McGarrah Jessee, an advertising firm in Austin, Texas decided to splurge when they hired their 100th employee, Elliot Nordstrom.

On his first day, he was seated and instructed to remain there, courtesy of the note he received that warned “things are about to get weird.” After that, a charmingly teasing speech about Nordstrom’s journey to the company was heard on a loudspeaker. Music started played and balloons and confetti were suddenly everywhere, along with 99 other employees who were more than thrilled to welcome the new hire.

Well obviously, given that they are an advertising company, they sure know how to tell the world how much they’ve grown.

Don’t you wish other companies would start celebrating their new hires this way too? Yes, you’re going to have to get a job at this firm to be able to party like this!

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