Meet The 62-Year-Old Snowboarder Who Proves Age Is Just a Number

This 62-year-old snowboarder proves it’s never too late to pursue a lifelong dream.

As a hexagenarian, he is supposed to get ready for the final phase of his life and avoid any activities that endanger his health. But then Milos Kmetko is no ordinary 62-year-old.

This Slovakian daredevil refuses to wait for the sweet release of death like a typical retiree of his age would. Instead, he has developed a deep love for snowboarding and loves nothing more than descending down a slope on his snowboard.

Just GO from Patrik Paulínyi on Vimeo.

Despite his bald head and white moustache, he says he is young at heart and is able to relate more with young people than oldies his age.

Of course, the physical part of his hobby is challenging and it takes a while for Kmetko to get a trick right, but his love for snowboarding is such that the fear of failure or injuries don’t scare him away.

Check out this age defying senior citizen’s incredible trickery with the snowboard in the video above.

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