Kmart's Christmas ‘Show Your Joe’ is hilarious And Controversial


It may be controversial, but one can’t seem to get enough of Kmart’s latest Christmas ad.

It is a commercial for Joe Boxer, Kmart’s brand of underwear, and it shows a group of men seemingly dressed in suits standing behind a table and playing bells. Nothing controversial there, but once the table is removed, the men start shaking their booty to Jingle Bells, wearing nothing but boxer shorts down below.

Some loved it, while others found the ad a little too racy for the holiday season.

Viewer’s comments on Kmart’s Facebook page range from:

I think K-mart needs to re-think this ad. For those of us who view Christmas as a Holy Day, this ad reduces the season to cheapness. I will avoid K-mart shopping this season.’


Love love love the new joe boxer commercial, super fun keep up the great joe boxer commercials.’

Wait till you see the ad though. It will leave you with tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks and a stitch or two in your side.

We seriously do not find it offensive at all; and what is Christmas season without at least one ad creating controversy?

Kind of reminds us of JCPenney's Ellen DeGeneres Christmas Ad of last year.

And it is several notches better than yester year’s Victoria’s Secret Angels Singing Deck The Halls In Christmas-Themed Lingerie Ad

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