Mexico's Rich Kids Of Instagram Are More Than Just Spoiled Brats

These kids' seemingly harmless flaunting is threatening to cause long-term damage to Mexico's already volatile environment.

rich kids of mexico

All rich kids of Instagram come off as pompous, obnoxious brats, but usually their showing off is just a reflection of their own inanity – it doesn't cause mass level political and social divide.

The same can't be said for Mexico, where the pretentious young ones of the affluent and superrich are not just embarrassing their parents but highlighting the highly uneven distribution of wealth in a country where per capita income is less than $12,000.

rich kids of mexico instagram

Known as Mirreyes (my kings), this exclusive club of teenagers with wealthy parents flaunt their flashy lifestyle on Instagram, with expensive champagnes, five-star hotel suites, pricey watches, helicopter rides, sports cars and luxury vacations being recurring themes in most cases.

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Not knowing where to stop, the Mirreyes sometimes creates massive PR messes for their parents, most of who are public figures or hold important positions in public offices. One such case is of former Chiapas Attorney General Raciel Lopez Salazar's eldest son Jorge Alberto López Amores, who jumped out of a cruise ship just so it would make the ship stop and search for him.

rich kids of Mexico

His plan worked as the ship had to stop and search for him for two hours. It was just one of many instances that prove Mexico's rich youth can do almost anything and get away as long as they have the money and right connections. Meanwhile, the poor struggle to make ends meet as drug wars and generations of impotent governments make their lives miserable.

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Rich kids in Mexico

Ricardo Rafael captured Mirreyes and the societal divide their actions are causing in Mexico in his book Mirreynato, the Other Inequality.

Rich kids of Mexico expose obscene wealth of parents

“In Mexico, if you are from the Generation Me ... you won’t face the law,” he writes in his book. “They don’t face the consequences of their exhibitionism.”

Rich Kids Of Instagram

While on paper, Mexico's average income doesn't look bad, the problem is a large contingent of its population doesn't make the median income and majority of its wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small group. According to an estimate, 46 percent (52 million people) in Mexico live in extreme or moderate poverty in Mexico.

The controversial rich kids of Mexico

For Mexico's richest kids to flaunt their riches in such circumstances is extremely insensitive and could cause long-term damage to the country's already fragile, volatile minds.

The brattiest pack in Mexico

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