Watch A Sleeping Bus Driver Ram Into A Heavy Stream Of Traffic

This driver is very, very lucky to survive such a brutal accident.

Michigan police recently released the CCTV footage of a SMART bus colliding head on with a number of vehicles in Oakland County after its driver fell asleep.

The video posted above is from October 2014 and shows a collection of various clips that perfectly capture the horrifying accident from multiple angles. The unnamed driver can be clearly seen slamming on the breaks after he stirs up from his sleep but his efforts prove fruitless when the bus crashes into an oncoming car. The back view camera also captures the chaos the bus left in its wake. 

Luckily, the bus only had one passenger, who exited as soon as the driver managed to pull the bus to a stop.

Meanwhile, two motorists were reportedly taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. In addition to that, the police also confirmed that the driver was not under influence while driving.

The disaster of an accident surely left the bus in an awful condition, but one thing is for sure, it could’ve been way, way worse if the driver hadn’t been able to control the vehicle after it collided with the first car.

He had been working for the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation for over a decade.

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