Mike Tyson Finally Met His Match, Gets KO'd By A Pink Hoverboard

After an epic fall that has broken the Internet, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson has learned to leave the hoverboard tricks to the kids.

Former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson, has shown the world that despite being "Iron Mike" he's not quite ready to take on futuristic gadgets. 

Known for his KO's in the boxing ring, he recently met his match when he was taken down by none other than a metallic pink hoverboard in his own home. 

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While trying out his daughter's brand new wheels he appeared to have the hang of it, even doing a couple 360° spins but when he started to move forward he lost control. 

In the video, you can hear his daughter predict the inevitable when she exclaims, "Daddy, I don't want you to fall" but he's having way too much fun to heed her warnings.

And just like that ... the champ becomes the star of the world's most ungraceful fall. It's okay, go ahead and laugh. Everyone else certainly did. 

He was a good sport about it though, posting the video to his own Instagram and Twitter accounts making light of the incident and assuring fans he isn't hurt. 

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Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @ForTheWin

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