Milan Tornado: Video Captures Twister's Flying Debris

The footage above captured on a mobile phone shows the moment a tornado, which injured 12, hit near Milan, filling the air with debris.

Buildings and vehicles were destroyed as the tornado ripped through Grezzago on Monday and one office worker recently captured the rare experience on camera.

Now the tornado video is catching people's attention on social media websites and it’s getting viral.

Here’s what Redditors commented on the video:


Top of Form

Safety Tip: When a tornado is approaching, DO NOT GO NEAR THE WINDOWS, go get your camera first, then feel free to approach the window normally.


You call that a tornado? Pssh, thats a typical late spring afternoon in Oklahoma.


Damn, I never realized how the whistling from the windows because air pressure difference would be so menacing.




Wow! That's a twister chasers' wet dream right there!

Check out the video above.

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