Millennials Aren’t Really As Bad As Everyone Thinks They Are

July 4, 2014: May be our fathers should be more like us instead of it being the other way around. Or so the Internet elders tell us.

Never a day goes by when we don't hear our elders boasting how things used to be so much better back in the day. The insinuation being that youth today is nothing as compared to what they were in their heyday.

But as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Generation Z or the Millennial may have more than its fair share of flaws, but in some aspects they are better than their predecessors.

The topic was recently discussed on Reddit, and the results are these eight areas in which youth today has made marked improvement:


As good as they were, our forefathers were far more racist than us. It's not uncommon today to see an African-American man dating an Asian or Caucasian woman today, something which was frowned upon only a couple of decades ago.

"The U.S. is visibly less racist than when I was a kid, which is a HUGE improvement," wrote a Redditor.


Tech Savvy

Kids as young as 3 and 4 these days use gadgets to play games with ease. Try teaching computer to a 50-year-old who hasn't used it before and you'll understand the difference.

"They can navigate all sorts of technology," another user told from her own experience. "My three year old uses my ipad like it's hers. She found my games and has hijacked both my plants vs. Zombies and angry birds. She's not too bad at them."


Verification of Inherited Wisdom

The generation today is less apt to accept the wisdom of their elders, which in most cases is inaccurate and based on personal observations instead of scientific facts. And for that, thank you, Google!


Heightened Business and Entrepreneurial Sense

Mark Zuckerberg

Some of the richest and the most successful men in business today are only in their 20s. This was an unheard of event back in the day.

"Whether it's technologically driven, artistic, musically, entrepreneurial skills, whatever, they have it," said a Redditor named hippiehen. "So many young people start businesses while they are in their teens and early twenties that it's amazing. Having the internet makes it easier to design something and sell it on Ebay or Etsy for example."


LGBT Acceptance

Nyc pride

Just as it's the case in the racism department, the youngsters today are also cool with the right to sexuality.


Nerds Are Now Cool

For some reason, nerds and geeks were always picked on in popular culture of the times gone by, however that is not the case anymore. Nerds unite!



Xenophobia has diminished significantly, thanks to the internet. Netizens interact with each other every day, and in most cases, the only thing that matters are opinions and ideas – not nationalities, religion and things of days gone by.




The media may show a different picture, but the reality is that the young ones these days are more tolerant and less violent than previous generations. Once the brutal oldies die, we'll all live in peace.

So, the next time you're on the receiving end of a classic parental lecture, point your moms and dads to this post right here and make them dumbstruck.

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