'Baby Doe's' Mom, Who Helped Cover Up Murder, To Be Released From Jail

Authorities have identified "Baby Doe," a 4-year-old girl whose body was found on a Boston beach in June.


Rachelle Bond will be released from prison on Friday after serving 665 days for covering up the horrific murder of her 2-year-old daughter Bella Bond. The former heroin addict will go directly from jail to an intensive in-patient substance abuse treatment facility, an order that was handed down from Judge Janet L. Sanders as the key condition of her release.

In a statement to the media today the Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conly restated that he was well aware of the backlash that’s been dished out from the public in regards to Rachelle Bond's release.

"There would have been no prosecution of Michael McCarthy without the cooperation agreement that we made with Rachelle Bond to secure her testimony," Conley said. "We wouldn't make that sort of agreement with any witness unless we were satisfied to the best of our abilities that the testimony she was going to offer was truthful."

Just because Rachelle Bond sat on the witness stand and gave her accounts of what happened and sealed the fate of her daughter’s killer should not mean that she should get off nearly scot-free. Why should the judicial system protect her when she couldn’t even protect her own daughter from harm? She is just as responsible for her child’s death, and instead of being released from jail, should remain behind bars. 


Authorities have identified "Baby Doe" a 4-year-old girl whose body was found on a Boston beach in June. Her name is Bella and she is the daughter of 40-year-old Rachelle Bond, a Boston-area resident. 

The break in the case was made when a search warrant  was executed at a residence on Maxwell Street in Mattapan on Thursday.

"She (the mother) tried to be responsible, but she was on drugs," Bond's neighbor, Yessiomora Torres, told WCVB-TV. "She talked slurred, she’d come out and smoke a cigarette, her daughter would be crying."

Bond and her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, were arraigned on  Monday. McCarthy was charged for the death of the toddler while Bond was charged as an accessory but pleaded not guilty to the death of her daughter and held on $1 million bail. 

According to Bond's statement to the police, McCarthy attempted to quiet down Bella in the back bedroom when she became "unruly" on May 29. When Bond went to check on them in the bedroom, she found her daughter dead with McCarthy standing over her body.

"She was a demon, and it was her time to die," McCarthy purportedly told Bond. 

McCarthy was allegedly part of a cult that claimed to exorcise demons and ghosts. 

Bond said McCarthy threatened to kill her if she told the authorities so the two put her body in a construction bag in the refrigerator and got high on heroin for several days before dumping her body into the Boston Harbor. 

A computer-generated image of a dead 4-year-old girl has gone viral, after her remains were found on Boston-area beach in a trash bag along with a zebra-print blanket on June 25. Over 45.4 million have viewed the image of Baby Doe posted on the Massachusetts State Police’s Facebook page.  Despite the record-breaking amount of views and surprising amount of shares on social media, investigators have been unsuccessful in identifying the girl.

"I'm about to become a great-grandmother, so it just touches you," Barbara Smith, 67, of Missoula, Montana told the Huffington Post. "It's sad that there was a little girl out there of her age that was found by herself and nobody has claimed her.” Smith has shared the image three times and plans to keep sharing it until authorities discover her identity and how she died.

Investigators still cannot conclude the child’s cause of death. An autopsy failed to determine how she died, yet investigators are still awaiting the toxicology results. 

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