Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn Destroys Protesters Over Shooting Of Mentally Ill Man

Suzanne Robertson
Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn was verbally attacked by protesters. He attacked back.

Earlier this month, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn angered protesters in his community for being on his phone during a meeting about the officer-involved shooting death of Dontre Hamilton, 31. 

When reporters confronted Flynn about it after the meeting, he went on a tirade. 

Well I was on my phone, yes. That is true. I was following developments about a 5-year-old girl sitting on her dad’s lap who just got shot in the head by a drive-by shooting,” Flynn said angrily. “If some of the people gave a good goddamn about the victimization of people in this community by crime, I’d take some of their invective more seriously.”

The video has exploded online, going viral today.