Mind-Blowing Photos Of Smuggled Goods Caught At Customs

Sameera Ehteram
You won’t believe your eyes when you see this. “Every day people at my work ask why customs controls can take a little while. These are some of the tricks smugglers were busted using,” ays an internet user before sharing some amazing photos of confiscated material.

Here’s the loot:

Money in bread

Cocaine in breast implants

Cocaine in candy

Almost a metric ton of weed in the shape of a donkey!

A wooden door filled with cocaine

Cats filled with opium

Pringles made from compressed cocaine

Clams filled with cocaine and glued shut

And then there are the highly prized exotic creatures:

Frogs in a film canister

Geckos in faux books

Snakes stuffed in clay pots

We shall never blame the customs for taking so long!