Minnesota Weatherman Pulls An Unwelcome Surprise From His Coat On Live TV

Steve Frazier did not expect this object to come out of his jacket.

A Minneapolis weatherman was wondering why his suit felt tighter than usual and when he discovered the reason, the entire newsroom cracked up in laughter.

Steve Frazier, a meteorologist for Minnesota's FOX 9 News, was in the middle of a live report when he realized something was wrong with his jacket.

“The chill is letting up, but the chill is not completely gone,” started Frazier before he reached to the back of his suit and pulled out a metal hanger. “I thought it was just a tight button, but never mind ... now, can we just go to the weather and get it over with?” he added awkwardly while his fellow anchors watched in disbelief.

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As the entire newsroom burst into laughter on live TV, Frazier put the hanger on the desk, to give a possible explanation.

“I went to the gym today and the suit was fitting tight and I couldn't figure out why but I must have put it on to quick,” he said, adding, “It felt weird and I noticed it when it was too late.”

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