MLB Star Gets Cute Letter From Kid He Accidentally Hit [Picture]

Lyle Raymond, a baseball fan accidentally hit by a bat swung by player Kyle Seager, sent him a cute letter forgiving him

Rarely do we get dignified and classy acts out of accidents.  This is ever more the case in Major League Baseball.  Add a dose of cute, and you got yourself one fun little story.  Last month, during a game against the Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager swung wildly at a pitch and lost control of the bat.  Seager accidentally let go of the bat, which flew into the stands and hit a young Astros fan named Lyle Raymond.

Poor kid, you think.  Not only is he hit by a baseball bat, but the bat is from the opposing team.  That would annoy anyone.  But not Lyle.  He was uninjured from the incident.  However, feeling bad for Seager, Lyle decided to write a letter to the third baseman, which was not only very sweet, but forgives him of the act.  Seager's wife Julie posted the letter on her Twitter account recently for the world to enjoy (before it was taken down for reasons).  Feel free to read below.

Cute letter from Lyle Raymond to Kyle Seager

For those who have a hard time reading the letter, here's a transcription:

Dear Mr. Seager,
My name is Lyle Raymond. Your bat landed on me. I am OK. Thanks for giving me the thumbs up when you were on first base. I like the Astros but will cheer you on too. I gave back your bat because you had a big hitting streak with that bat. I hope you have more with that bat.
Your fan,

Dignity and respect are a hard thing to come by in these times, especially in sports.  As someone who grew up in the most hostile sports environment, known to many as Red Sox Nation, I can attest that the hostility runs deep.  So it is always great to see someone out there who can still show the grace of sports fans, and even that long-forgotten notion of sportsmanship.

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