WATCH: Man Tries To Rob Female MMA Fighter, Ends Up In Tears

Monique Bastos was out with her friends in Brazil when two men tried to steal their cell phones. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for the thieves.

A word of advice: refrain from robbing professional fighters – it never ends well.

Professional MMA fighter Monique Bastos was on her way to the gym for jiu-jitsu training with her friends in Acailandia, Brazil, when two men on a motorcycle stopped right next to them and ordered the women to handover their cell phones.

Unfortunately for them, they had no idea what they were getting into.

“I tried to hold my phone, and I realized they were not armed. When they tried to escape, I lifted the rear wheel of the bike and they fell on the ground,” Bastos told “The guy who took my phone ran away, but I was able to get the other one.”

Although one of the thieves managed to escape the scene, the Strawweight fighter – who has six professional MMA fights on her record – caught his partner-in-crime in a vicious “triangle” chokehold, reducing him to tears.

In fact, she kept him in the leg lock until the police arrived – which was a good 15-minutes later.

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Incredibly, this is not the first time someone made a foolish attempt to rob Bastos.

“I've been through this a few times before, and it's the second time I fought back,” she revealed. “There were two guys, and they were using knives, but I was able to use my jiu-jitsu and get my phone back. It's a huge risk, but I did it to defend myself and my friends, so I used what I learned.”

Watch the entire incident in the video posted above.

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