Mom Publicly Punishes Daughters To Apologize, Post Goes Viral

This is parenting done right. It’s Friday night and time to reward yourself for a long week of work by heading to the movie theater.

But after spending $15 on a movie ticket, then another $10 on popcorn alone, you’re ready to leave. Why? Because of the obnoxious teenagers sitting behind you. Whether they’re texting all movie long, giggling and talking over the actors, quoting lines from the movie, or even making out, disrespectful people at movies are the worse.

That might be why this mother’s Facebook post has gone viral. Kyesha Smith Wood dropped her two daughters off at the Tannehill Premier theater to see Cinderella. Little did the mother know that her daughters would then sit behind two movie patrons where they giggled, talked loudly, and kicked their seats.

Rebecca Boyd and her daughter were those two movie-goers, and had actually had some bad fortune recently. Her husband had lost his job, and this would be their last outing for a long while so the family could save up while they dealt with the financial hurdle of the job loss.

Rebecca Boyd and her daughter Ashley

Boyd tried to ask the girls to quiet down and refrain from kicking but the behavior only continued. So after the movie, Boyd approached the two girls. “I told them they needed to realize that their behavior affects others and they never know what other people around them are going through. For instance my husband was just laid off from his job and this would be the last movie I could take my daughter to for awhile, and they had ruined that.”

The two girls’ older brother overheard the confrontation and told his mother, and that’s when Wood reached out on social media.

Kyesha Smith Wood uses Facebook

After the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office reposted it, it became viral, with 47,000 shares, 10,000 comments and 246,000 likes. Other parents reached out saying they admired that this mom was willing to discipline her kids. It became a story about how it takes a village to raise a child, where people praised both Boyd’s and Wood’s actions.

One commenter wrote “She is a truly good parent. Hands down. To outright admit her children were in the wrong and want to do something about it, is good parenting. Parents who make excuses for their children are what is wrong with society. Good job mom!”

Boyd and Wood eventually connected over Facebook and there are no lasting hard feelings. Hopefully the girls have learned their lesson. 


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