Old Spice Ad Moves From Hot Men To Creepy Mamas -VIDEO


The new Old Spice ad is just as popular as all the previous ones. But this time, unfortunately, it borders on creepy.

Thinking of ‘Old Spice’ brings images of hot and sexy men to mind, not in this one though. This one has creepy mothers coming out of every nook and cranny.

The creators’ hearts and minds may have been oiled with good intentions, but the product is a little strange.

The video comes with the description: "New Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray may cause boys to become men, girls to become girlfriends, and moms to become sad."

The idea of mothers cursing the body spray for turning their sons into men, who women find irresistible, can be easily related to by many. However, the way the moms are shown, sneaking up on their boys and almost ‘obsessed’ with them is really peculiar.

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