Moment When Wedding Party Falls Into Georgia Lake As They Pose For Pictures (Video)

Okay, no one would ever want this to happen in their wedding! It’s a nightmare.

The video above shows how the entire wedding party falls into Georgia Lake as they posed for the big day photo with the groom and bride.

It happened during Frank Fearon and Patricia Andrews wedding earlier this month, when the photographer asked every one to stand on a wooden dock that eventually dunked them into the freezing water.

The description of the video reads:

An entire 29 person Wedding Party takes a plunge into Lake Lanier on 5.18.13 after the dock breaks. Thankfully this was after the ceremony! It was deemed the "wedding wetting". Everyone got dried off and the reception went on to be one of the best celebrations to date. Only minor injuries and a lot of wet iPhone 5's. A fractured humorous, was the only thing not humorous about this.

Enjoy the video!

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