College Professor Saves The Day For Single Mom Student In Trouble

A single mom was stuck choosing between taking her exam or watching her kids, but one person's act of kindness saved the day.

Being a student in the middle of finals is hard enough. Being a student who's also a single mom whose babysitting canceled just before a final exam is a nightmare. One student, a veteran, wasn't sure what to do: skip her final or show up with her children.

Fortunately, her professor completely and nobly saved the day.

A picture posted on Facebook by Victoria Henry from Louisville, United States has garnered lots of attention on the Internet for the professor's kindness.

Henry’s friend Monica Romero, who is a single mother, was due to take her final military history exam at the University of Louisville when her babysitter canceled last minute. 

Left with two kids and no one to watch them at such short notice, Romero decided to take them along to the university and have them sit outside the exam hall while she took the test.

Romero recently moved to Kentucky with her children Marcus and Mikayla and was rather worried she wouldn’t be able to focus on the exam while her kids were left alone outside.

The kids called for their mom's help during the exam when college professor Dr. Daniel Krebs stepped in to save the day. 


Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight. As a friend of mine was preparing to take our...

Posted by Victoria Henry on  Wednesday, 2 December 2015


“I felt anxiety about it because I knew they weren’t going to sit still,” she told BuzzFeed, adding that she remembers thinking to herself, “To get the test complete, it’s going to take a miracle.”

When Krebs told her he'd watch the children so she could focus, Romero's problems were solved. The professor played with the kids and watched videos with them.

"He’s a really great teacher and it was just a genuine act of kindness. I’m just really grateful for it," she said of Krebs.

The picture has been shared hundreds of times and just goes to show that small acts of kindness can go a long way in helping someone in need.

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