Movie Scene Montage Beautifully Celebrates Cinematography

Although their work is not well understood by the general public, cinematographers play a vital role in creating the scenes that stay with you long after you leave the theater.

Most of us can rattle off a list of at least a few famous movie directors, like Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson or JJ Abrams. But do names like Robert Elswit, Matthew Libatique or Andrew Lesnie ring a bell? Despite their relative obscurity, these creative professionals, cinematographers all, play a huge part in making memorable films, well, memorable. Cinematographers, who practice the art of motion photography, often pair up with well-known directors on a series of films, forming collaborations that have resulted in smash hits like "Black Swan" (Libatique), "There Will Be Blood" (Elswit) and the Lord of the Rings arc (Lesnie). The montage above contains some of the best examples of the craft in recent years.
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