Can You Blame This Moose For Attacking These Snowmobilers?

April, 22, 2014:A moose in New Hampshire is provoked and subsequently attacks the couple chasing it.

The moose doesn't seem like a threatening animal but tales of its aggression when provoked or frightened are quite common. In the US especially, this herbivore of the deer family attacks more human beings than bears and wolves combined.

One such incident took place recently near Jackman, Maine, whereJanis and Bob Powellwere charged at by a distraught moose. Of course, the couple had chased the animal for a while before it noticed them, turned and vented its fury.

At first, it just turned and stood there staring at Bob whose vehicle was closer to the animal. By then, it had become apparent that an attack was imminent, which is why Bob quickly got off the sled and took a position on the other side so as to put a barrier in between himself and the angry moose.

As expected, it then charged at Bob and tried to get him with his front legs. Fortunately, Bob evaded the first wave of attack before moving towards his wife who was filming the confrontation on her camera.

Janis had a gun and she pulled it out although she can be heard saying in the video that she didn't want to use it. The teeny tiny size of her pistol meant that she actually did herself good by not targeting the moose, as it would've just further infuriated the animal and not hurt it. Instead, she fired an aerial shot, the sound of which was enough to send the animal scampering back into the wild.

Since posting the video online, the couple has received a lot of criticism for provoking the animal. The backlash has been so intense that they have disabled automatic embedding and commenting on their video.

Check out the entire thing going down in the video up top.

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