There Is a Reason Why This Prank Has 7 Million Hits On YouTube

Don't say we didn't warn you. A perfect prank needs to have just the right amounts of shock factor and fun.

But pranksters these days frequently overload their skits with creepy stuff, which scares the bejesus out of their victims instead of entertaining the audience.

Thankfully, Fousey Tube's prankster Yousef knows how to set up a great trick. In his latest YouTube prank, Yousef assumes the role of Mortal Kombat killer Sub Zero and awaits "Finish Him" announcements in elevators to attack unsuspecting passengers.

Of course, he doesn't actually attack them, but the announcer's orders coupled with the people’s reactions make this a hilarity-fest you don't want to miss.

The prank garnered more than 7 million hits in just two days, which shows how awesome it is.

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