You Can Bet On Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor To Crack You Up

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is off his rocker. Known for publicly acknowledging consuming crack cocaine and routinely showing up to official engagements stoned, Toronto mayor Rob Ford is downright inappropriate.

While he has become an international sensation for his ridiculous comments and behavior (most of which goes viral on the Internet), back home in Canada he is seen as a source of shame for many.

With Toronto's mayoral elections coming up in October this year, a hilarious fake campaign by a group called is calling for anyone to lead the city but a crack-smoking Ford. 

Torontonians are divided over whether a mayor who is struggling with substance abuse issues and has frequently spent time at rehabilitation facilities should be leading them.

While a large majority wants a mayor that doesn't embarrass them, Ford is popular amongst the disenfranchised -- especially the African community who see him as a Robin Hood of the "hood." 

Whatever the outcome may be on Oct. 27, Rob Ford has certainly provided the world with entertainment. 

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