Bored Mother Gives Her Baby Terrifying Makeovers

Obviously, the poor kid can't say no. Look at his troubled expressions!

Mom Gives Her Baby a Digital Makeover

This kid will someday demand vengeance for these photos. 

A mother recently posted a collection of pictures featuring her seven-month-old son in a drag-queen like get-up. Although she probably wasn’t going for that particular look, it’s the first thing that comes to mind once you see these terrifying photos.

Mum uses Youcam makeup app to transform her baby picsMum uses app to give her baby a virtual makeover

Thankfully, this mother didn’t apply any actual make-up on her son. In-fact, these are all doings of an iPhone makeover app.

“No makeup touched Gabriel's skin so don't worry. He is a very, very loved little boy. I intentionally take/use photos of him pulling faces and gurning because I live to amuse myself,” [sic] reads the post.

Mom gives her baby multiple digital makeoversMom Gives Her Newborn A Makeover With A Makeup AppMum gives newborn baby disturbing

Even though this isn’t nearly as disturbing as some other things that parents have pulled off on their children, this collection is still quite creepy.

No matter what his mother’s intentions were, these pictures will surely come back to torment this kid in his adult life.

Meanwhile, let’s hope we have seen the end of this trend.

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