Motorist’s Three Point Turn Leads To Traffic Chaos In Naples (Video)

In this video a car driver is trying to make a simple maneuver that ended up creating a chaotic scene in a narrow Naples street road. The driver of the small white Fiat attempted to make a three-point turn but became completely stuck- bringing the whole road to a standstill for other people there. More cars came in from both directions along with a group of motorbikes.

People who were filming the event were standing in balconies and laughed at the situation as the series of vehicles grew longer and longer and a Church procession also emerged on the scene. After much shouting and arm-waving the stuck driver eventually managed to take a complete turn which was then followed a round of applause and chants of ‘Bravo!’

The funny video has gone viral on the internet where people can’t help but laugh at the driver’s mistakes that created chaos on the street.

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